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  • have a good day
    How to Have a Good Day (a great career…and outstanding life!)
    How to Have a Good Day. Here’s an interesting bit of trivia… If you Google “How to Have a Good Day” (with quotes) , you’ll get about twice the results as searching for “How to Have a Great Day.” Give it a try.  This suggests to me, most people set the bar too low for themselves. Regardless, I have some useful tips for how to have a good day, which will then translate into having a great career and outstanding life. First, you have to understand what leads to crappy days, and work to eliminate some of that.  I say some because  “es...
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  • feedback
    Have “the conversation” today. Give feedback. Here’s how.
    There are lots of “messy” conversations you’re avoiding.  While a face to face conversation is often “best,” most people need an anonymous and real-time method.  If that’s you I’m talking about…try  HowMyDoin today! But if you’re ready for the in-person feedback, and need to have “the conversation” today, don’t be afraid.  Here’s how. Why Give Feedback? Maybe your colleague keeps texting during meetings.  Maybe your boss repeatedly cancels meetings at the last minute.  Or maybe a new direct report constantly interrupts you and finishes your sentences – incorrectly. When complaining to your trusted friends, they all tell you the same thing: you...
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  • How to Get What You Really Want (Top 12)
    How to Get What You Really Want (Top 12)
    I’m often asked why people behave the way they do.  People are wondering what the top motivations of employees are.  They’re also wondering what are the top motivations in life.  At some level, these questions have rather simple answers; in other ways, the answers are pretty darn complex. The easy answer is this: people behave the way they do because of their motivations and values.  That is, people are motivated to get what they want in a way that fits with their values.  That’s so simplistic that it sounds stupid, I suppose.  But it is more complicated… The number...
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  • The Best Development Leadership Programs
    The Best Development Leadership Programs
    The Best Leadership Development Programs It’s funny…I just Googled “Best Leadership Development Programs” and was informed that there are about 270,000 pages out there! What?!!   That’s crazy.  But what’s...
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  • personality
    The Science of Predicting Success and Failure
    There are lots of assessment tools out there, from the Myers-Briggs, DISC, NEO-PI, 16PF and Enneagram, to name a few out of hundreds…if not thousands. But regardless of how good,...
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  • change
    Research on Change Management
    Change Management Issues are Actually Leadership Issues Change management problems are often viewed as an “organizational issue.”  But really, it’s all about  leadership. Why? And what are the Top 3...
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