Be the Change

It’s easy to get frustrated with the way things are, and how people act. There are so many complainers too…Don’t be one of them. Be the one who inspires change, rather than the one who complains or waits for change. Lead people through your actions.

Rather than just explain how people should treat each other, or the way things should be, try being the change you want to see in the world.

This video captures the essence of the struggles we’re dealing with. We all have seemingly immovable objects in our lives.

In this video, a huge tree has fallen across a busy street just before a rain storm sets in. With the bad weather, and the enormity of the tree, it seems impossible for any one person to make a real difference. Waiting for heavy machinery and clear skies makes the most sense.

But too often, we think in limited ways. Can a small boy move a huge tree in the pouring rain? Of course not! Well…actually he can. We all can.

It’s not too big. 

Watch this video, and let me know what you think. Imagine if we could all stand up and believe in making a difference like this. What are some of your biggest trees blocking your pathway? I conjecture that you are one of the trees.

Are you going to be like the kids who laugh? Or the people who fall asleep in the truck waiting for someone to do something? Or will join in the cause and be part of the solution? Or will you lead the way?


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