Tip #1: Become A FUEL SOURCE

What’s the best leadership development goal?

I often work with people who are moving from being “a good leader” to “a great leader.”  Many people are not as good of a leader as they think they are, too.

When we get to the development plan, it’s hard to narrow it down.  What are the highest value targets for your development?  How do you encapsulate it all in a clear developmental statement/

After all, there are a zillion characteristics of extraordinary leaders.  You can’t improve them all.  And there are many different types of great leaders.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  And there are tens of thousands of books.

While I want people to come up with their own leadership development goal, I also want to just give them the answer sometimes.

The best leadership development goal I’ve ever seen is:

“Energize people, and become A FUEL SOURCE.”

The slide deck below covers the top 11 actions and characteristics involved in  becoming a fuel source.  The developmental goal is to get better at recharging others, bringing out the best in them, and refueling them when times are tough.


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