Starting Your Leadership Development Journey: 4 Questions

Leadership Development Journey

Your Leadership Development Journey

Today is the first day of the rest of your leadership development journey.  You want to become better leader, but don’t know where to start.

These four questions will narrow your focus and kick-start your development.

The main four things to be thinking about between when you start your journey to become a better leader:
  1. What are the results that matter most?
  2. When dealing with people, what’s my frame of mind?
  3. Regardless of my intentions, what’s my actual impact on people?
  4. What do I need to start, stop and continue to build stronger relationships and get better results?

Results that Matter

Many good leaders get results.   But the best leaders get the “right” results.   That is, they take the time to constantly reflect on what the longer-term goals and objectives are, and measure results toward them.   It’s all to easy to get caught up in near-term goals.   While lots of quick-wins can feel good, they may impede long-term results.  Think about the results that really matter.

Mindset with People

When dealing with people, what’s behind your interpersonal behavior?  That is, what’s your mindset that’s driving your behavior?  Just like a fish doesn’t know he’s in water, most people don’t even know what their “mindset” is.  Think of interpersonal mindset as your beliefs about people, how they “should” work and how they “should” interact.  Those shoulds are the consequence of your mindset.  (Hint: few people think like you do, have similar personalities as you, and have the same intellectual capabilities).

Impact on People

The best leaders get great results, of course.  But they also have a positive and energizing impact on people.   Basically, they bring out the best in people.   Are you having this impact on people?  If not, what impact are you having?  Why would anyone want to follow you?  It might also be helpful to think about the best leaders you’ve known.  What impact did they have on you?  How did they make you feel?  What impact do you want to have on people?  (Hint, it should relate to energizing them, making them feel capable, strong and valuable.)

Stop, Start, Continue

After you reflect on the Results you need, the Frame of Mind that’s needed, and Impact on people you need to have, translate the ideas into actions.   Break it all down into three groups of actions: Start, Stop and Continue.  For example, you may need to Start exploring other peoples’ perspectives before you share your own.  You might need to stop checking your smart phone during one-on-one meetings.  You might need to continue to speaking about the long-term goals and objectives.

As you start or accelerate your leadership journey, keep these four questions top of mind.  (And change your behavior.)


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