About LeadPeople

About LeadPeople

LeadPeople was founded by Curt Buermeyer with a clear mission: help good people achieve great things.  Headquartered in the Washington metropolitan area, LeadPeople offers services that are the culmination of more than 17 years of Curt’s consulting and leadership successes with a variety of individual leaders and organizations.

LeadPeople is a client-centered firm; he and his associates work closely and directly with clients to custom-tailor developmental solutions.  LeadPeople helps clients grow and overcome roadblocks to success.  LeadPeople assists organizations in identifying, preparing and developing leaders and teams.

Specific consulting and coaching services include:

  • Customized leadership development programs
  • Leadership best practices education and training
  • Executive coaching
  • Executive team development
  • Executive selection
  • Leadership personality assessment

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