Client Testimonials

Our clients speak….

I am a 100%+ supporter of Curt and his skills as a leadership consultant and executive coach. I have a philosophy that personal development is an accelerant of professional development. When I met Curt, it was clear that he and I are on the same page. Just about all executives can benefit from Curt’s services because he doesn’t have a “fix it” mentality. Rather, he starts where people are and gets them to the next level.

What makes Curt so helpful is he understands both business and people challenges. He listens deeply to what’s being said and what’s not said, on multiple levels. You can tell he’s listening to understand the business challenges as well as the psychologically-relevant information that leads to failure or success, like trust, corporate culture, personality fit, communication patterns, alignment to strategy, and sources of leadership strengths and challenges.

That combination is really the difference-maker in my opinion and what makes Curt the best executive coach, I’ve met in my 47 year business career.

– Gil Guarino
Guarino & Associates, LLC (former EVP CACI)

I had the extreme pleasure of working with Curt as my executive coach. For me, this wasn’t a typical coaching experience, as Curt helped me put my personal plan together and truly understand what I was looking for professionally. Curt was empathetic without being overwhelming. His perspective challenged my ideas of what I expected out of myself and of my environment. The homework, which I grudgingly did, became one of the key tools that I still look at today to ensure I am “on track.”

Curt’s candid and outside perspective will help anyone interested in getting to the next level of their career and life. I highly recommend Curt for his energy, professionalism and ability to bring humor and fun into the process.

– Kelley O’Hara
Human Resources Executive, Capital One Bank

 Curt’s style puts people at ease. He is not intimidating or too academic as can often be the case with PhD “consultants”. He listens well and quickly gains his clients’ trust and respect. He’s calm, credible and effective. He does not have a problem giving honest and direct feedback, but he does it in an appropriate, balanced and effective manner. Good sense of humor also helps.

Curt has helped improve the performance of both individuals and teams within our organization. He has helped develop high performing teams by getting members to understand themselves and their teammates. He has been successful in getting individuals to be honest with each other and to confront and overcome conflict. He has absolutely added value to our company. I feel very comfortable calling upon Curt for advice and counsel and know that my concerns will always be treated discreetly and appropriately by him.

– John Finamore
Senior Vice President, Penn National Gaming

I’ve worked with executive coaches in a variety of settings and situations. Curt’s worked through two very difficult situations with me. One involved mediation in an emotion-charged atmosphere. The other involved a leadership development effort with significant career implications for the individual involved. In both instances, the executives were senior and held positions of significant responsibility. Curt was unique in his approach. He had a plan, thought three steps ahead of the immediate engagement, shepherded both me and the individuals involved to the desired outcome and did it in a way where all of us looked upon him as a friend and confidante in the course of the engagement and even to today. He’s particularly effective and with a style that induces enduring trust.

The most valuable outcome of my time with Curt is that while he’s working a particular situation, I myself am learning about myself and developing as a leader. He’s never told me that I “need to change,” but through my work with him he has helped me realize I can do much better as a leader and that my shortfalls have contributed to the situation we were working on with others. So in retrospect, I want to improve my leadership effectiveness so I don’t disappoint Curt and the privileged relationship we’ve developed.

– Jake Jacoby
Executive Vice President, CACI National Solutions Group

Curt and I have worked together for several years. We have partnered on the development of executive top talent to provide a customized approach to improve their overall leadership and executive presence. Curt has a rich background in several industries and “gets” corporate challenges and their impact on our executives.

Curt has a calm, but confident approach in presenting solutions. Curt partners well and has unique communication style in bringing out your best! We have seen growth in the executives at Freddie Mac that he’s coached. As the Human Resource executive, I feel like I have a development partner for life!

– Lisa Stone
Senior Director, HR Business Partner, Freddie Mac

It was a pleasure working with Curt. He was extremely professional, took the time to first understand each of us individually, our business, and the culture of our team and property.

Curt’s TOTAL Team Dynamic was quite impressive. He introduced several tools and tips to make me more self-aware as a leader, and how to help others by valuing differences with their leadership styles. Additionally, he was able to keep a group of strong-willed executives on task and was instrumental in helping us create our property’s Vision and Mission Statement and Core Values.

I am a ‘consultant skeptic,’ but Curt placed himself in a special category by asking the tough questions with humility, pushing for results through accountability, and more importantly, following-up versus telling you what is wrong and go fix it!

– Robbie Butler
Vice President of Human Resources, Hollywood Casino Joliet

Curt’s approach is challenging.  He presses for growth out of comfort zone and makes you question how you are spending your time and energy.  He’s also very insightful – he listens carefully and leads the client to perceive strengths and weaknesses that otherwise might be ignored.

Lastly I’d say Curt is caring – he establishes rapport and sustains it through being clearly present during sessions.

– W. Kimball Griffith
Vice President,  Freddie Mac

When I began working with Curt, I was at a crossroads in my professional life – exhausted, demoralized, and uncertain about my future.

In my line of work, many executive coaches cross my path (and many of them are very good). What drew me to Curt was his energy and presence; he was calm and thoughtful, he listened well and patiently to my issues, and provided a supportive and safe environment for us to work in and in which I could be my full self. I especially appreciated that he celebrated my victories with genuine enthusiasm and also am grateful that he would feel free to challenge me, if he had another viewpoint.

For me, the most valuable outcome was that I summoned the courage to step off a ledge, quit my job, go back to school, and re-invent myself for the next chapter of my career. I am fairly risk-averse and am certain that I would not have been able to have enough guts to do any of those things, had it not been for our work together. Curt enabled me to see myself and my future in a new way.

I have grown tremendously in my professional confidence and ability to be my own best advocate and am enormously thankful for the coaching and counsel I received from him.

– anonymous
Human Resources Director, PwC

Curt is extraordinarily insightful and a great listener. He has a sound understanding of organizational strategy and structure, and can help to assess the second and third order effects of different organizational approaches.

Moreover, his psychological studies have really helped him to evaluate the whole person, and rapidly determine the nuances that drive cause and effect relationships.

Curt works with a number of evaluation methods; gleaning the best insights from each one to provide a rounded framing of the total work environment. His development of individualized action plans highlights areas that are strong and need to continue, as well as areas that need emphasis and improvement.

Working with Curt has propelled an increased awareness of what drives us, and how others perceive subtle social cues. This awareness has tremendously improved relationships with piers and helped to unify our team.

– Deb Dunie
Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, CACI