Approach & Philosophy

Approach & Philosophy

One of the most important tenets of LeadPeople is that leaders must own their own development.  In a sense, it’s like a gym membership.  You can be trained on physiology, how to use the equipment, etc., but you must make the commitment and actually do the work to experience growth.

All too often leadership consultants and their clients mistakenly believe that leadership problems stem from a lack of information or tools; but this is just not the case.

The problems and opportunities run much deeper than that.  They’re psychological in nature — cognitive, attitudinal, emotional, behavioral, interpersonal and situational.

In short, LeadPeople’s philosophy on leadership development has been shaped through a combination of research and practical experience.  And as much as we love theory at LeadPeople, we know that practice (and reality) will always trump theory.  Theory becomes most valuable when tested and validated empirically, through actions that create value.

The most successful leadership development experiences come from dedicated leaders; those who put in the time and effort get results.  Leaders who have gotten tremendous value from working with LeadPeople have been:

  • Willing to try new ways of leading people
  • Inspired while reading new material they explored in their free time
  • Eager to ask for feedback from others
  • Receptive to new ideas, and withheld defensiveness
  • Able to make their personal development a priority

While they leveraged LeadPeople’s services, they didn’t overly rely on these services.  It’s true.  Like anything in life — the more you put into it, and the more you”own it,” the more you’ll get out of it.

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