Assessment Domains

Assessment Domains

After working with a variety of clients over time specific patterns of process and behavior emerge, allowing me to develop replicable methodologies and assessment domains that can work with virtually any organization. Below are three such “assessment domains” that I encourage you to explore.

REAL Leadership Framework

  • A single, integrated framework.
  • A Big Picture approach to measuring leadership effectiveness.
  • Results-focused criteria.
  • Comprehensive measurement algorithm.
  • Situational/contextual assessment.

TOTAL Team Leadership

  • One model for appraising TEAM leadership.
  • Individual and team focus.
  • Explores ‘accelerators’ and ‘decelerators’.
  • Five distinct criteria.
  • Defines team peak performance.

impactQ Leadership Assessment

  • Learn how you impact people emotionally.
  • Understand how others experience you.
  • See if you are an energizer…
  • or an energy drainer.
  • Appreciate the power of personal brand.
  • Understand how to foster “followership”