REAL Leadership

Leadership-04 Final_QREAL Leadership

After many decades of leadership research and theory, here we are.  Dazed and confused.

It’s well past time for an integrated, practical, and evidence-based framework that simplifies “it all” into one coherent framework. For too long, leadership thinkers have aimed their sights at differentiating their leadership theories from one another and splitting hairs over similar constructs.

Or conversely, theorists have attempted the creation of a massive paradigm shift, as if everything to date is out of date. The contention espoused here in this R.E.A.L. Leadership TM overview, is that enough is enough.

It’s time for an integrative framework that pulls it all together. The REAL Leadership TM Framework sets out to do this. The aim here is not to create another new model of leadership, but rather, to zoom out to see the bigger picture, integrate what we know, and see the forest and the trees–to view the whole leadership landscape for the purposes of accelerating leadership development and effectiveness.

At a macro level, there are five essential components to this REAL Leadership TM Framework:

R: The ultimate Results that all leaders must be judged by.

E: The Effect that leaders have on people (e.g., energizing and inspiring followers, or making them feel like crap)

A: The Actions and observable behaviors the leader demonstrates , and

L: The Leader‘s characteristics and attributes (him or herself as a whole and complex individual).