Executive Coaching

Become a Better Executive and Leader

You might be one of the good leaders out there who wants to become better.  Or you might not be a good leader at all.  Regardless of where you’re starting, LeadPeople will help you get to the next level.

Here’s a quick over view of LeadPeople’s Executive Coaching Methodology.

LeadPeople uses executive coaching, team development and customized leadership development programs to help good people become extraordinary.

  • What it takes to truly ‘lead’ people
  • Why, under stress, you might be ‘your own worst enemy’
  • The truth about the role of ‘personality’ in team performance
  • How to prepare to lead a new team
  • How to improve influence and have organizational impact
  • How to work effectively with a range of team members
  • The importance of ‘vision’ in a leader
  • Steps for effectively changing behavior (in myself and others)
  • How to improve self-awareness (i.e. how others see me)
  • Tips and tricks of effective leaders
  • What teamwork is all about
  • Executive presence – what it is and how to improve it
  • How to work better with key stakeholders
  • The components of emotional intelligence and why they matter
  • How business results are linked to ‘soft skills’
  • What should – and shouldn’t – be in an Individual Development Plan
  • How to lead virtual and remote teams
  • How to balance collaboration with individual efforts