Organizational Leadership

Enhance Your Organization’s Leadership Effectiveness

To enhancing organizational effectiveness, you must begin with improving organizational leadership.

Why?  No matter how well designed an organizational change initiative is, it will simply fail without strong leaders who inspire, align, motivate and persevere through resistance.

Leadership, including the CEO and Board of Directors, the senior leadership team, and other divisional leaders, must be aligned with the mission and have the personal leadership skills and abilities to inspire and motivate change throughout the organization.

Here’s a quick overview of LeadPeople’s Executive Coaching Methodology.

Do you know how strong your leadership teams are?  How strong is your own personal leadership?

To really know, you’ll need a well-validated leadership assessment tool that compares leaders to a large database of effective leaders. (One of the tools I use is the LPI360, which has a solid norm group of effective leaders. Here’s a sample report.)

After this assessment, it’s time to identify and select high-value leadership development targets.  Examples include Inspire a Shared Vision, and Enable Others to Act.

To enhance leadership effectiveness, executive coaches and consultants who specialize in both leadership and behavior change will be especially valuable.

But it can be very difficult to find great executive coaches and consultants — especially experienced professionals who understand both business and people development.

At LeadPeople, we partner with Human Resources, Talent Management, C-Suite executives, and corporate stakeholders to recognize strengths and gaps in leadership capabilities.

Next, LeadPeople’s highly trained professionals accelerate team and organizational effectiveness by designing custom leadership development programs, one-on-one executive coaching, and executive team development.

We have Executive Coaches who:

  • Understand real business pressures and challenges
  • Work effectively with a range of leadership styles
  • Understand the complexities of personality
  • Enhance communication skills and collaboration
  • Improve executive presence
  • Work closely with key organizational stakeholders
  • Leverage scientifically proven assessment tools
  • Understand the importance of emotional intelligence
  • Appreciate the need to improve business and ‘soft skills’
  • Truly change behavior with clear Development Plans

We have Leadership Consultants who:

  • Help identify high-potential talent
  • Accelerate succession readiness of successors
  • Develop customized leadership programs
  • Integrate leadership research and theory with “reality”
  • Incorporate the organization’s values, mission and vision
  • Provide audits of corporate culture and engagement
  • Create custom work groups for organizational challenges
  • Enhance feedback systems to create a feedback-rich culture
  • Partner with top-tier consultancies to deliver effective human capital solutions